The Sources of the Quran


Most often the religious debate between Christians and Muslims revolves around each claiming to have the holy book from God/Allah, and it just depends on your faith as to which you will believe is the trustworthy book. What if it were shown that one of the books showed signs of not being inspired by God/Allah? Wouldn’t that help the discussion be decided by something more objective than simply which beliefs one holds? The more one studies the Quran, the more one comes to realize that many of the stories found within it are echoes from other eras, cultures, and religions. The evidence seems to bring the Quran further away from the category of divine inspiration, and closer to a situation where Muhammad created the Quran from a pool of oral traditions from many varying sources. If this is true, it would seem as though, instead of being a word from Allah, the Quran was simply an amalgamation of oral traditions molded into a common theme, for the purpose of creating a new religion out of the old ones.

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Why Christians Think Homosexuality is a Sin

With news of the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is now a right every American has, Facebook newsfeeds have exploded with rainbow display pictures, and just about every other post seems to be about the news. A Facebook friend of mine made a post about how he found it amazing that there were Christians out there, who were educated in philosophy (a field he respects), who are still capable of being against the redefinition of marriage. One of the first comments Continue reading Why Christians Think Homosexuality is a Sin

Search For Truth (Video)

Asking the big questions in life. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go? Is there a God? Does science conflict with religion?
Interviews with evolutionists, creationists, atheism activists, and Christian evangelists.
This will hopefully get the conversation started in your life.

This documentary was directed and written by Jon Topping, and is the property of Niagara College. All rights to media used in this film have been acquired.

Should we condemn Rob Bell? (Video)

When Rob Bell came out with his controversial book Love Wins, many Christians spoke and wrote quite condemning, and many other Christians strongly opposed this condemnation. The mindset of today’s culture is that everyone can do/say whatever they want, and this is justified by verses like “judge not lest ye be judged.” In this video I talk about whether or not Christians should condemn Rob Bell.

New Testament Reliability and Truthfulness

Religions are usually all lumped together as a code of ethics, with beliefs about where we all came from. A common view is that religions answer questions that we aren’t capable of answering. It’s starting to become the opinion of the majority that all religions are basically the same, and that as long as you’re a good person, in the end, everything will work out, no matter what religion you hold. A wrench is thrown into this philosophical machine when a person is told that Christianity isn’t merely a code of ethics, or answers to impossible questions, but rather, is based on historical facts. Continue reading New Testament Reliability and Truthfulness

Critically evaluating religious dialogue